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Supporting Our Fight

We created our Limited Edition ‘Fandom vs Covid-19’ T-shirt, to show the strength in our community, and an act of support for the ‘Millennium Fandom Bar’ during these challenging times.

The Millennium Fandom Bar aka MFB, or “Fandom” as many of our community call it, was not founded to make the owner (Alex) rich, instead, it was about passion, he dreamt of a “fandom clubhouse” where you can share your fandom with like-minded individuals, make friends, have fun, and for those who always felt out of place, provide an environment where you won’t be judged for being nerdy, geeky, introverted or different.

This isn’t a cash grab in these difficult times, we’re trying to make sure our “Fandom Clubhouse” can survive the Nevada mandated non essential business closure and provide jobs to our team until it is safe to reopen business.

We know some of you are struggling with recent job losses (We’re here if you need a friend) so don’t worry if you’re not able to show your support with a t-shirt, but if you can, any purchase on our store is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!!

Alex and The MFB Team

Quality Of Our Products

We take great pride in our designs and the quality of our products, that's why we decided to use higher quality materials. So you will enjoy wearing them as much as displaying your favorite Fandom. 

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